Courier Services

Our taxi cabs are on the road every day and are only a quick phone call or online booking away from meeting all of your transportation needs.  We offer more than just taxi service in Memphis.  Our range of services also include Courier Service in Memphis.

Courier Service Cab in Memphis

Whether you have documents, a package, or even a gift, if you can’t deliver it yourself, call us for a Courier Service Cab in Memphis.  Simply provide the pick-up address and the delivery destination, as well as a brief description of the item to be delivered.  Our taxi cab will arrive promptly at the scheduled pick up time and our professional driver will efficiently deliver your item to its destination, saving you time and the trouble of delivering it yourself.

Courier Service Cab for Business

If your business needs the occasional delivery made, or a regular schedule of deliveries, our fleet of cabs is always at the ready to provide Courier Service in Memphis, either on demand on pre-booked.  If you need an unexpected rush delivery, or your own fleet of in-house delivery drivers is unable to effectively manage an unexpected higher than usual volume of deliveries, our Courier Service Cab in Memphis can quickly come to your rescue, helping you meet your delivery time frames and maintain your customer service standards.

Fast, Convenient, Always Available

Do you need Courier Service in Memphis outside of regular business hours?  No problem!  Our Taxi Cab Courier Service is available at all hours, so you don’t have to worry about cut off times.  Our schedule will meet your schedule, no matter what the time.  Just call, or book online for fast, efficient, on demand Taxi Cab Courier Service in Memphis.  We are happy to help!

Same Day Delivery Solutions

rushHave a need for a rush delivery? Our Same Day Delivery solutions are tailored to getting you the fastest delivery time possible 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Call on us and find out way our customers have come to trust us with their most demanding deliveries. Big or small we do it all!

Same Day On Demand SERVICES

  • Direct:
    Immediate pick-up and delivery. 24 hours 7 Days Seven Days a week
  • Immediate:
    Our most popular service, delivery within 1-2 hours for deliveries under 30 miles and within 3 hours up to 100 miles 24 hours 365 days a year.
  • Same Day Economy:
    Delivery within 4 hours, up to 60 miles weekdays call in and ready by 12:00 Noon.

Scheduled and Routed Services

carsBluff City Taxi provides reliable inter-branch delivery through out our network of routes through out Memphis, and Shelby County and the Greater Mid-South Area. Weather your need is daily delivery between your offices or replacing your existing fleet we can design a schedule around your needs.

Some of the services we provide on a scheduled basis:

  • Us Mail Pickup
  • Interbranch pickup and delivery
  • Payroll Delivery
  • Court Filings
  • Auto Parts
  • Medical Record
  • Title and Real Estate Documents
  • Magazine and Publication Distribution

Dedicated and Fleet Replacement Services

Lets us take you out of the courier business by utilizing our fleet replacement services. We provide everything necessary Driver, Vehicle, Insurance and all management necessary to provide a cost effective alternative to your transportation needs.


Miles Charge Miles Charge
0-1 $15.00 09-10 $33.00
1-2 $17.00 10-11 $35.00
2-3 $19.00 11-12 $37.00
3-4 $21.00 12-13 $39.00
4-5 $23.00 13-14 $41.00
5-6 $25.00 14-15 $43.00
6-7 $27.00 15-16 $45.00
7-8 $29.00 16-17 $47.00
8-9 $31.00 17-18 $49.00

Additional Miles are $ 2.00 each Additional Charges (apply to out of town rates also)

Deliveries to multiple addresses will incur an extra charge of ten dollars ($ 10.00) for each stop made en route. For deliveries to different suites of the same address the charge will be six dollars ($ 5.00) per delivery.

Waiting or delay time will be billed at fifty cents ($ 0.50) per minute, or Thirty dollars ($30.00) per hour. All pick up attempts will incur a charge of Fifteen dollars ($ 15.00) per attempt. Any delivery, which is attempted in accordance with shipper instructions that is not successful, will be billed at the full rate and on all future attempts, the mileage will be billed from our office to the drop off.

Excess weight charges will be billed @ Twenty cents ($ 0.20) per pound over twenty-five (25) pounds, with a maximum of fifty (50) pounds per piece. Tolls, parking, postage etc. will be billed additionally After hours charges (11 PM – 6 AM) are Three dollars ($ 3.00) per delivery. Holidays please add Ten ($ 10.00) per delivery.

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