About Us

Established in 2014 Bluff City Taxi provides passenger vehicle for hire (Taxicab service) to residents of Memphis and Shelby County, visitors of Memphis, and surrounding areas.

What Drives Us

The Taxicab service business is highly competitive and we believe that there is a need for a taxi service that can provide reliable and cost-effective service. Bluff City Taxi’s goal is to be recognized as such. Bluff City Taxi is the most customer centric taxicab company in Memphis through its loyal
customers and a brand that represents friendly, fair, honest, and courteous services. Key components of Bluff City Taxi’s strategy is establishing trust with its customers by being the most reliable and cost-efficient. Bluff City Taxi is committed to implementing and monitoring a systemic approach to gain customer loyalty. Drivers will remind riders to gather all of their belonging prior to exiting the vehicle and the drivers will check the vehicles after every ride. Bluff City Taxi is committed to returning customer valuables in a timely manner by posting on our website.

Bluff City Taxi drivers will be held to high standards including appearance, no abusive language, zero tolerance for the sell of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances, no gambling, and all Bluff City Taxi drivers will wear company identification badges. In addition, our drivers must pass Memphis City Mandated TBI background check as well as have their Finger Prints filed with the Memphis Police Department. Our drivers have City Issued Vehicle Permits.

Bluff City Taxi is also committed to maintaining the safety and the appearance of all our vehicles by doing all scheduled maintenance on time and by keeping all the vehicles in a clean and sanitary condition.

Our Mission

To provide Reliable and Cost-Efficient Taxicab Service.

Our Vision:

To provide a consistent Taxi Ride Experience.

Our Goal:

To be the Taxicab of Choice.